Erin Johnston, koo-ki-nuts creator & designerHi there! If you're an old koo-ki-nuts friend, then it's nice to see you again! If you'e a new friend, then it's so lovely to finally meet you :)

A little bit about the nut behind the koo-ki-nuts...

I'm Erin, and I created koo-ki-nuts sometime around 2010 - and after a few years 'off' I'm back creating stuff because it makes me happy! I'm based in Albury, Australia, on the NSW side of the Murray River.

I put koo-ki-nuts away for the past 3 or so years Because I got so busy with lots of 'life stuff' - and out of it all, I've ended up with something wonderful. I now have a fellow creative by my side (Daniel) and we have happily found ourselves tending to a fairly new 'little boss boy' (born in January this year), who goes by the name of Sonny. WOW - babies take up a lot of time, huh! All that feeding, burping, changing, playing and just plain staring in awe of how delightful he is. Daniel and Sonny are the ones who have inspired me to start 'koo-ki-nutting' again ♥ 

Anyway, welcome to the brand spanking new and with-the-times koo-ki-nuts website, where I've listed a few new designs! I have lots more ideas (and I love hearing yours too!) that I'll be adding as time permits (that is, dependant on how much time the little boss man leaves me to play here).

I love hearing from you guys, so if you feel so inclined... reach out to me!