Erin Johnston, koo-ki-nuts creator & designerwhat is kookinuts?

A brand known for quality handmade items created for babies, kids, adults + the home, that doesn't always conform to 'what's trendy, now'. Go your own way and do your own thang!

who's behind kookinuts?

Erin Johnston... She's in her late 20s (ok, 30s) and she's been ‘kookinutting’ since about 2011 when she found a book (an actual real book - in a bookstore!) filled with crazy fun softies to make. Her mama taught her to sew and she was soon making her own designs for friends and family and then friends of friends and then complete strangers all over the world.

She lives in Albury NSW Australia, with her little fam-bam (baby daddy Daniel, small boy-child Sonny and a bump in progress).

She used to be a blonde who paraded as a brunette for 10 years - and she's now back to being a blonde. She laaarves a soy latte and an almond croissant from her local 'Nord' bakery. She's better at drawing on the computer than with a pen and loves creating personalised pieces! She's a Saggittarian who wants more hours in a day and she's a serial abuser of the ellipsis...

Most of all, she's proud of the quality of her handmade items.

Nice to meet you!