Red Apple Cuddle Cushion - unisex nursery decor - apple cushion - apple pillow

You know how the saying goes - 'An apple a day...' This koo-ki-nuts cushion ensures you have an apple every single day!

This Red Apple Cuddle Cush' is good for:

• keeping the doctor away (jokes - we wish!)
• brightening up those trendy monochrome kids rooms
• resting little heads (not babies!)

Other details:

• around 29cm high, 22cm wide
• backed with the grid fabric you see in the background of the picture
• original koo-ki-nuts designs - printed using water based inks
• handmade with 100% cotton fabrics and filled with springy crimped polyester fibres
• machine washable (yup!)

Prior to construction all fabric has been pre-washed in a natural plant based laundry liquid - which is kind to your skin and the environment. Complete care instructions are included with your purchase.

© 2016 koo-ki-nuts


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